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Let’s chat Geek network is aimed at bring geeks and nerds from all walks of life together. Let’s Chat Comics is a podcast run by Geeks for Geeks to discuss all the latest comics released. Sharing industry updates and news this is a Podcast for the comic fans! Let’s Chat Sh*! is a podcast for those who love chatting Sh*! and listening to those who chat Sh*! This podcast is No holds barred for over 18s and run by a pair of Geeks who chat Sh*! for a living. You’ve been warned!

June 21, 2017

Ep 14 - Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge! Mash-up Part 1!

The mash up of the century (part 1)...

Ben aka the Hitman joins the fold with magic Gav, Shane and the Fonz.
Magic stretches his creative limbs to disastrous effects,
we talk ball/wrench dodging and those Globogym losers at Limst.
A wonderous review turns friends into enemies, enemies into friends, and we're all richer for the experience....kind of.
Overall a two part journey of Homerific proportions. Enjoy and much love! LCS


Rcorded at Sin City Comics, Newport - www.facebook.com/sincitywales

Brought to you by GeekedFest Comic-Cons

Newport August 5th & 6th
Tickets at - www.GeekedFest.com

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